woensdag 6 april 2016

Websites voor het onderwijs

Op deze site is een opsomming van meer dan 200 Engelstalige websites te vinden waarop informatie staat die o.a. voor het onderwijs kan worden gebruikt (instructiefilms, podcasts, wiki's enz.).

"This is an alphabetical list of 200+ websites which provide information and/or instruction about a wide range of subjects – mostly for FREE. The websites cover a wide range of informational and educational topics and include general reference resources, how-to guides, wikis, how-to videos, podcasts, courses, lessons, tutorials (including open courseware), e-books as well as other reference resources and places to ask questions both online and on your mobile.  The resources are suitable for learners of all ages: students as well as workplace learners and lifelong learners – as well as teachers, educators and trainers. "

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